Wolfgang's gamepad

This is a little game that is normally played with matches.

There are three piles of matches annd you may take as many matches as you like, but only from one pile! On the other hand, you must take at least one match from any pile.

When you took your matches, it's my turn to do the same. this continues until all matches are gone.

If you had to take the last of all matches, then you lose. If you leave the last match for me, then you are the winner!


Please enter the number of matches to be taken away in one of the input fields and press "play":

take   from

take   from

take   from

Remember: The loser takes the last one !

This game is programmed completely with JavaScript. All the program code is contained as HTML-code in this page. You may look at the program by showing the source code of this page in your browser.

And you may copy this page to your computer to play the game locally without connection to the net!